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About Us

Ebby World: Doing Well by Doing Good

When we adopted the phrase, “Doing Well by Doing Good” as our company motto, we wanted our customers and potential customers to understand why we are in business, because we strongly believe that we can be successful only if we make our customers happy and satisfied. Happy customers motivate us and make us happy and successful. Therefore, we strive to guarantee the quality of the products we sell. If you need more of a particular item; or if there is an item that you would want to see on our website, you can contact us. We are here to satisfy you; and will give you our best price possible!

Customer satisfaction is very important to us! We take pride in making our customers happy, not only with high-quality products but also with our prompt and thoughtful customer service. We try to solve everyday problems for everyday people with specialized and unique product offerings such as:

Decorative Wallpapers

Wondering what wallpaper is best for your decorating project? When in the market for wallpaper, you’ll find the two most different yet popular types are peel and stick and pre-pasted traditional. For those who need an easy way to customize their décor without committing to something a bit more permanent, peel and stick wallpaper takes the lead in terms of benefits.

With a wide selection of stunning wallpapers in a variety of styles, colors, and layouts, you are sure to find your own special piece of art. We appeal to our customers through high-quality products, excellent service, and affordable prices. By teaming up with world-renowned suppliers and manufacturers, we support and help bring unique products into our customers’ homes.

Our massive collection of stick-on murals is perfect for a home, apartment, dorm, or business (all our products are commercial grade). They are great for kitchen walls, ceilings, bathroom walls, living room walls, and bedroom walls. If you have found an image you want to make into a mural but are worried about putting something permanent on the walls, don't worry! Our wallpaper murals can be easily removed (without leaving any residue behind) and placed somewhere else.

Waterproof Shoe Covers

These products have wide applications because they keep your shoes dry and clean by protecting them from mud, dirt, rain, and snow especially in rainy/snow days; and during outdoor activities such as going to the beach, camping, hiking, cycling, fishing, car washing, playing golf, garden, or lawn work, etc. Quality zippers and elastic band helps adjust tightness, making the shoes more flexible and comfortable to wear.

Before you order, please make sure that the waterproof shoe cover is 0.5" longer than your shoe sole/size. If you are wearing sports/cycling shoes, it is recommended that you buy larger size shoe covers.

Always refer to the size chart to make sure the cover is 1" longer than the sole length of your shoes. We always offer Free Exchanges for sizing; but if you follow the sizing guide provided, you can start using it on day one! If you have any questions, please contact us. We are here to help.

Anti-Mosquito Covers

The head net keeps terrible and annoying flying mosquito, flies, etc. out of your face, ears, and nose. Provides an impenetrable barrier. A Must-have for Any Outdoor activity: It is ideal for the fishermen, hunters, hikers, campers, or anyone in any outdoor activity, whether during Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter.

The Full Body Suit keeps your whole body away from mosquitos, pesky insects, & pests. This Jacket & Pants set comes with a breathable polyester no-see-um mesh, repelling unwanted critters & biters. Get all-day protection from the wrist and down to your waist and ankles. With our adjustable draw cords, bugs won’t sneak in around your wrists, waist, and ankles. Aside from keeping the bugs out, the waist cinch helps in keeping the pants & jacket in place. Jump, run, crouch, paddle without fear of the netting falling off.

Hands Free Umbrellas

Don't let the rain or strong sun spoil your day! Wearing this umbrella hat can keep both hands free while protecting your head from rain or sun. Imagine what you can do in the rain or hot weather with both hands free instead of having one hand tied up holding the umbrella! Don't let the rain or strong sun spoil your fun!

  • Adjustable elastic headband fits nearly all head sizes with ease, one size fits most heads.
  • Great for kids and students too!
  • Foldable and lightweight, easy to store and transport.
  • Perfect hat for fishing, camping, hiking, walking, running, jogging, golfing, biking, theme parks (Disney World, etc.), and other outdoor activities (at the beach, ballpark, sports fields, etc.).

 Portable Auto Battery Chargers

Portable jump starters can be vital in getting you home safely when car trouble hits, particularly if you can't connect to another vehicle. Simply charge up your dead battery with this jump starter and feel safe in the knowledge that you can get your vehicle moving again if it has a battery that’s not working. In addition, car jump starters can be used to charge smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices as well as perform other incredibly useful tasks, such as signaling with lights and even inflating tires with built-in compressors.



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