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1pcs UV Glue Optical Clear Adhesive UV Glue Cell Phone Repair Tool for Mobile Phone Touch Screen Repair 0.1

  • This product is specially used for mobile phone, tablet, computer touch screen, laminating the high light transmittance of UV glue.
  • For example, the glass cover of the mobile phone is cracked, but the touch panel is still good with the LCD. It only needs glass cover, and uses this glue to cover the glass cover, touch panel and LCD.
  • It is colorless and transparent, the transmittance is over 98%, and the bonding strength is good.
  • Applications: mobile phone, digital electronics.
  • This glue needs to be cured with the ultraviolet light or UV lamp of the 365NM above 12W. It will take 3 - 5 minutes for the UV glue to be solidified.
  • Please note: Repairing your cell phone screen is a very delicate procedure. So please make sure you are confident that you can carry it out successfully before beginning.


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